It looks as if at least 8 devices have been put on the banned list courtesy of Apple. On Dec 6th, the ongoing saga between Samsung and Apple should come to a close. This gives time for Samsung to catch their breath and draw up a new game plan. In doing that, it also delays the effects of Apple’s stupendous legal victory.

 There has been a legal hearing about the preliminary injunctions. However, details have not yet been revealed whether these will be heard at the upcoming September 20th hearing or the aforementioned December hearing. Either way, it looks as if Judge Koh, who presided over the case, wants to effectively streamline the post-motions being put forth.

Samsung during all of this is trying to (and sources say that have been successful) to nullify the sales ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Apple, in response, had nothing to say on the matter about this development or about the case at large. For a company that was just awarded $1.05B in damages, you’d think they’d be doing the Macarena while waving their limited edition mini iPads.

All of this has had a dramatic effect on both company’s’ market shares. Samsung has been fighting a tailspin since the verdict was handed out last week; they were able to stem the bleeding and bring the price back up to just under 4.6 percent their pre-verdict share price.