Samsung was all about Smart Home last CES, and their acquisition of SmartThings really proved their conviction. Their new home automation service presented some great features, granting the ability to control appliances and other products via mobile devices and TVs. It was a great project, but today’s announcement has taken things up a notch.

Samsung’s Smart Home expansion includes a new set of services and products with a focus on safety, energy management, location awareness and smarter, more connected ways of living in the home of the future. For example, one can now connect to digital locks and IP cameras, helping you keep an eye on your home and every area in it.

New energy management features allow you to keep an eye on how much energy certain electronic devices use. One can even set limits and get notifications when these electronics surpass their energy cap.


The location awareness feature may be one of the most exciting, bringing automated actions based on where you are. How about turning on your AC when you get to a few blocks from your home? Maybe you would like to turn on the lights when you get to the front lawn. This is all possible with Samsung Smart Home.

How does all this tie into our beloved Android experience?

The-Expansion-of-Smart-Home-Portfolio_Powerbot2-280x424Android is Smart Home’s backbone, and most Samsung mobile device do run our favorite mobile OS. Not to mention, one of the new features does include Samsung S Voice support. Users will be able to control their homes and appliances via Samsung’s voice-operated digital assistant, present in most Samsung smartphones and Gear devices.

Samsung plans to let Smart Home grow with the rest of the industry. A Smart Home SDK will be released later this year. If enough developers jump into this ship, Samsung’s automation investments will find success. We will see more during IFA, this week, so stay tuned!

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