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Samsung can be considered one of the biggest pioneers in the industry. The company will dip its toes into any new products or technologies they can find, hoping to find those few experiments that will take off. Samsung has gotten a little more adventurous with their latest endeavor, though – a smart bike.

Enter the Samsung Smart Bike, a product that is meant to offer green and healthy transportation while keeping you safe with its smart technology. Samsung mentions the bicycle has a “technological soul”, as its internals make it a moving accessory designed to work in tandem with your smartphone.

The bike was made with Giovanni Pelizzoli taking charge of the design. Pelizzoli is a world renown frame builder. This specific design offers curved shapes that are meant to lower vibrations and keep the bicycle running smooth. But what makes it more unique is all the technology Samsung put inside.

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The Samsung Smart Bike comes equipped with laser beams, a rear-view camera, integrated GPS and an Arduino motherboard that controls it all. This set-up wouldn’t be complete without smartphone pairing, and Samsung, of course, didn’t leave that feature behind. Your smartphone can be docked into the handlebar, and it controls every smart aspect built into the vehicle.

So… what does this bike do?

All these components are put in place for a single purpose – to keep you safe. The laser beams create a bike lane that surrounds you, alerting others of your presence and keeping them at safe distance.

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The rear-view camera is designed to give you a view of what is going on behind you. You can simply take a quick look at your smartphone and see if there is anything dangerous going on.

Behind the scenes, the GPS tracker and smartphone app work together to track bikers’ general routes. If a certain road is taken by many bikers, local authorities could take the data and decide which to add real bike lanes to.

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Where do I sign up?!

I feel there is much more you could do with the Samsung Smart Bike, but the project is young and will keep evolving with time. Pricing and availability are still anyone’s guess. In fact, we are not yet sure if this bike is to go into mass production at all.

I just hope that, if released, this bike doesn’t become a Samsung exclusive. Sadly, that will probably be the case.