Rumors of a new fitness tracker coming from Samsung started emerging last November. We didn’t know much about the product then, and we still don’t really know much about it now. But if the latest leaked images prove to be real, the upcoming device (internally known as Triathlon) will not look like your traditional fitness-focused wearable.

It turns out the gadget will actually look much like a Samsung Gear S2, featuring a metal frame, rubber band and that rotating bezel we have come to love so much.

But this design does raise another concern. It was previously rumored that the SM-R150 would be leaning more towards the affordable side of the spectrum. If this tracker is to be similar to the Gear S2, will it also adopt that high-end price point?

We are not sure how much the SM-R150 can do just yet, but maybe its fitness focus will bring its price down. The interface does look different compared to the Gear S2 UI. We suppose our only option is to wait around until an official announcement comes around. Until then, just keep exercising the old fashioned way.

But tell us, guys. Are you liking this look? Excited to see that rotating bezel making a return? I know I am.

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