Well, well, well, it seems to be that time of the year again. No, not the time when the new iPhone is being unveiled (who cares about that?), but the time when Samsung is preparing to launch a new hilarious anti-Apple commercial.

Sammy yanked Apple’s chain with a bunch of TV ads before and after the iPhone 4S unveiling, so now that the iPhone 5 (or 6 or whatever) is almost here, we should get ready for some more “Samsunging”. I’m sure that you all know by heart these commercials’ scenarios, and, even though we might have hoped to see something different this time around, Samsung will most likely follow the familiar path.

The guys at The Verge managed to grab some exclusive photos from the supposed Los Angeles shoot of this latest commercial, which prove Samsung is not looking to fix things that aren’t broken. Instead, we should again see Apple’s iSheep fans waiting in line for the fresh new device, which will look… exactly the same as the old ones.

Even if the main lines of the ad’s “plot” seem to have remained the same, that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing some new hilarious jokes. I mean, all the anti-Apple commercials so far have had the same main idea behind them and they all turned up pretty great, so we should again expect to be entertained.

Some of the pics picked up by The Verge show off familiar elements from the past commercials, including the setting up of a fake Apple store and cardboards of “Apple Geniuses” wearing green shirts, but there are a couple of mysterious photos in the bunch that very much intrigue us.

There seems to be something involving giraffes in this new commercial, although we don’t see the connection with Apple just yet. The faked app icons also look a bit weird right now and most of all we’re unsure whether Samsung will be advertising the Galaxy S3, the Note 2, the Note 10.1 or all these gadgets together.

There’s both a (deliberately) sketchy mock-up of a “new iPhone” and an iPad sign in those photos, so my guess is that Sammy will either look to advertise more than one gadget in one commercial, or launch a series of ads separately attacking Apple’s phone and tablet.

That “join the crowd” slogan made me giggle, while seeing those 190 and 409 GB iPad versions made me downright burst into laughter. I’m sure that Samsung will throw in some other fresh new humorous material in the ad(s), hopefully something about the patent war too. Though I would also love to see some faces from the old commercials (specifically the “creative barista”).

How about you? How would you make the new anti-Apple ads? How much “old” stuff would you put in them, how many new jokes and what kind of jokes? Let us known in the comments section, but not before watching Sammy’s “the next best thing” and “Apple got Samsunged” commercials again. Enjoy and I hope I didn’t forget any of the existent ads.