Samsung Electronics has issued a short statement about the alleged Samsung “roadmap” that could potentially be harboring the Google Nexus Prime (Nexus 3) and the rumored Samsung Galaxy S III among the Android devices on the list. Android Authority covered the roadmap story last week and speculated–as did several other blogs–that the list could possibly have included the rumored Google Nexus Prime and Samsung Galaxy S III, even if the devices weren’t so named on the list.

In a very short post on Samsung Tomorrow, the official global blog of Samsung Electronics, the company neither confirmed nor denied the possibility of either the Google Nexus Prime or the Samsung Galaxy S III coming from Samsung’s stable.

Inaccurate Details

Samsung did mention, however, that “details being cited are not accurate.” Here’s Samsung Electronics’ statement about the rumors circulating last week:

Some media have been reporting that Samsung is preparing to launch nine new smartphones and two new tablet devices. While Samsung is continuously working on new devices for our customers, the details being cited are not accurate in this case.

We appreciate the interest in our upcoming mobile devices and will share more information once its available.

The statement, at best, is ambiguous because it can be interpreted as a blanket denial of all “details being cited” or a partial denial of only some of the details. It leaves some room for the imagination: is this a denial of the existence of all the listed devices, or is this just a statement confirming the existence of the devices yet pointing out that the “leaked” details are inaccurate?

Neither does the post specify which particular “details” are “not accurate.” Is it the model names? Is it the specs? Is it the number of devices on the list? Is it the presence of an inaccurate item that practically renders the whole list inaccurate? Is it the notion of a Samsung-made Google Nexus Prime? Is it the flat-out absurdity of an upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III?

If all the items on the list contained bogus information, wouldn’t it have been more definitive and reassuring for Samsung to say so? Or, wouldn’t it have been more prudent for Samsung to let unfounded rumors die a natural death–just as all baseless rumors do?

Unusual Move by Samsung

It’s not everyday that Samsung spares a couple of paragraphs to quell a rumor. Yet, Samsung does so in this case. Arguably, two paragraphs don’t take a minute to type. But, still, we can’t shake off the idea of Samsung’s effort to “deny” the alleged leaked roadmap. Could Samsung be singling out this particular rumor? If so, why? Are those rumors so damning to Samsung or its plans as to merit a two-paragraph statement? What potential harm to Samsung could those rumors bring if left unaddressed?

The nagging suspicion of at least partial accuracy of the leaked list continues to hover over us, partly because the wishful thinker in us is eager to find out the delicious details about the Google Nexus Prime (Nexus 3), which many hope to be manufactured by Samsung, and about the rumored Samsung Galaxy S III, whose rumored specs make the device look like something to hold out for.

Needless to say, Samsung is readying lot of Android goodies for everyone in the coming months, and so many people are eager to know what they are.

Why do you think did Samsung go an extra mile to say something about this particular rumor?