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Samsung says 10 million Galaxy Note devices were sold in 9 months

At the media event today, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 10.1, and said they've sold 10 million Galaxy Note devices within 9 months. Samsung believes they've created a new product category for touchscreen devices with stylus support. But it remains to be seen if the Galaxy Note was a one hit wonder, or the 10" Galaxy Note 10.1 can continue the success of Galaxy Note.
August 15, 2012

The Galaxy Note has obviously been one of Samsung’s most successful high-end products, despite all the skeptics in the beginning who said that no one could possibly want such a large “phone”. But it seems quite a few people wanted it because they didn’t care how it looks as a phone as long as it’s still pocketable and you can benefit from a very large screen (for a phone). Plus, it’s perfect for playing Draw Something.

Samsung’s comment about the number of Galaxy Notes being sold was made during its event today when the company unveiled the 10″ Galaxy Note 10.1. Samsung believes it has started something completely new here, a new category of products: “We’ve opened a new category,” Younghee Lee, Samsung’s head of global marketing, said.

Samsung promoted the newly unveiled Galaxy Note 10.1 as a productivity, educational and artistic tool – all in one. It has partnered with high-profile figures like filmmaker Baz Luhrmann and fashion designer Zac Posen to talk about the content creation aspect of the Galaxy Note 10.1, and the Android maker is promising more educational apps for the tablet in the future.

Samsung has also touted the Galaxy Note 10.1’s ability to use two screens at the same time, which is something I really hope the next version of Android comes with by default. I think it could be very useful to do that in landscape mode, which is how most Android tablets are used. Imagine checking e-mail and browsing the web at the same time or watching a movie. More desktop functionality like this is something that I’m excited and hopeful about for future versions of Android.

But until then, Samsung is bringinh this as a first on Android tablets, among other features and custom apps inside the Galaxy Note 10.1. Whether the Galaxy Note 10.1 will be successful, remains to be seen, considering some reviewers are mostly praising it, while others have a lot of complaints about it.