Samsung Galaxy S goes US?

Samsung Galaxy S goes US?

Unlike the EVO 4G, the Samsung Galaxy S is a superphone we knew was heading to Europe. However, until now we have not had much in the way of confirmation of a US launch. Although it was always probable, we can now breath a slight sigh of relief. According to TmoNews, a “trusted source” has told them that the phone should land with T-Mobile on July 21.

T-Mobile are certainly a network that loves Android. So far, it does not seem to have a device capable of rivaling the Droid Incredible or EVO 4G. Either way, who wouldn’t want a <10mm thick device with a fantastic screen and scorching graphics anyway.

According to the Samsung advert, June 29 will show us “the next generation in Android smartphones”. Could it be anything else? That would really be quite something if it were!

James Tromans

Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.