Samsung is going to announce the Galaxy S4 in roughly 10 days. We’re not going to lie, we’re excited. Sure, HTC’s One is pretty, and Sony’s new Xperia phones are drop dead gorgeous, but let’s be honest with each other: The GS4 is going to be the best selling Android phone of 2013. Even if it ends up being a total pile of garbage, which it might, you never know, Samsung is going to market the living crap out of it.

You’re not going to be able to buy toilet paper from your local supermarket without bumping into at least three or four GS4 ads this time next month.

Which brings us to today’s “news”, if you even want to call it that. Samsung has uploaded an 80 second teaser to their YouTube channel that’s … just watch the video above and let us know how you feel. If you can’t because you’re at work or on a slow internet connection, it’s basically some little rich kid getting a “sneak peek” at a box that lights up. This is easily the worst teaser we’ve seen in a long time. HTC’s teasers show off small sections of their devices. LG’s teasers more so. But this? Who commisioned this to be made?

Anyway, like we said earlier, just 10 days to go. Expect a ton of rumors, both fake and legitimate, to be hitting the internet between now and then. We’ll try to give you the stuff we think is actually true, but this writer thinks you should just ignore everything until the actual date of the event.