We all know how competitive the network carrier market is in the US. Apart from network coverage (including LTE availability now) and pricing, another major factor for US subscribers in choosing carriers is device options. For example, the iPhone was released exclusively locked to the AT&T network, leading to T-Mobile losing big in the race for network dominance, almost reaching the point of being bought out by AT&T.

Even if a device is available on multiple networks, carriers still attempt some form of differentiation, and in some extreme cases, as seen with the HTC One X (for AT&T) and the HTC EVO 4G (for Sprint), creating a seemingly completely new device (both devices are essentially the same, with minor internal differences, but major design changes).

The good news for US residents eagerly awaiting the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is that it looks like Samsung’s latest flagship device is heading to all 4 major carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile). Of course, whether the Galaxy S3 will go the way of the HTC EVO 4G is yet to be seen, with Samsung and all US carriers going back into the wildly successful (as seen with the S3 launch) “ninja” mode.

The US release of the Galaxy S3 is slated for June this year, but to satiate your S3 fix until then, below are the first tests of the 8MP camera featured in the device, courtesy of PocketNow. Granted, these aren’t the best pictures that could have been taken to test the camera out, with a few of them looking like the images were taken by mistake, but anything is good that helps pass the time until we can get our hands on the device.

 AT&T (SGH-I747)

Verizon (SCH-I535)

T-Mobile (SGH-T999)

Sprint (SPH-l710)