Samsung Galaxy S III

Just over a month ago, Samsung released the Galaxy Note 2 with a very unique feature that made great use of the device’s huge screen and allowed users to multitask much easier. This feature is called multi-window mode and the latest rumor says that the Galaxy S3 might be getting it as well, in addition to the original Galaxy Note. Keep in mind that this is the second time we hear this specific rumor.

The report comes from the guys at TGSpot, who are claiming that Samsung is planning on bringing the feature to the S3 in one of the future updates—using the screenshot above as their proof. This would make sense seeing as the Galaxy S3 has a huge screen and would be able to properly support such a feature. The only complication that I can see, and other sites have pointed out as well, would be using the keyboard to type something. The keyboard of the S3 naturally takes up quite a large amount of the screen, so this would certainly cause a usability problem for the multi-window feature.

Nevertheless, it would be great to see Samsung bring this feature to its #1 device, and I’m certain the 30 million+  S3 owners will not mind having this feature to show off.

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