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OMG: Samsung just launched a feature phone in India that looks like a GS3

Samsung has just committed a terrible sin. They've announced a feature phone called the REX 90 that looks exactly like the Galaxy S3. No, we're not joking.
February 14, 2013

Samsung has just done something they haven’t done in what feels like a century or two, they’ve announced a new family of feature phones. That’s right, feature phones. If you want to stop reading this article, feel free, we totally understand.

Now let’s get to the news: This new family of devices is called the REX series. We don’t know if REX stands for anything, but it’s not really important. What’s absolutely terrifying is that one of these REX devices, the REX 90, looks like a GS3 clone. It even has a skin that looks like TouchWiz! As for the specs, it has a 3.5 inch HVGA screen and a 3.2 megapixel camera. Where have we seen this before? Oh right, the recently announced Galaxy Fame, which is in fact an Android phone. As for the other REX devices, the REX 60, REX 70, and REX 80, they kind of remind us of a mix between the GS2 and the original Galaxy.

So why is Samsung bothering releasing these phones? Probably because of Nokia, who is experiencing quite a bit of success with their Asha portfolio of feature phones. Smartphones are getting cheaper and cheaper every day, but they’re still not as cheap as feature phones.

According to SamMobile, all the phones in the REX portfolio will cost less than 100 Euros. That gives us a clue as to how cheap the Fame and the Young will be when they hit the market.

We’re honestly speechless right now. It’s one thing to dilute the Galaxy brand by releasing the same phone in multiple form factors, it’s another thing altogether to release a phone that looks exactly like your flagship device, except that it only runs Java applications.

Mobile World Congress is in two weeks. We’re definitely going to grill Samsung about this.

Update: And here’s a link to the official press release. All the REX phones lack 3G.