Google, the company that makes the Android operating system that everyone should be using, is based in Mountain View, California. Samsung, the company that makes a significant portion of the Android devices that we spend our hard earned money on, has just announced that they’re going to open a new R&D Center in that very same city. Construction is set to begin during the second half of next year, and Samsung hopes that people will actually start working there in 2014. When complete, the campus will stretch across a massive 8.5 acre plot of land. Two six story office buildings will be erected, giving Samsung approximately 385,000 square feet of space to let their employees do their thing.

How should you interpret this news? There are multiple angles here. First, Samsung could be acknowledging that without Google, they can’t succeed. When you stop and think about it, Samsung was just a “meh” handset maker before they started making Android phones. Putting an R&D Center in Google’s backyard could be seen as a gesture of good will, a sign that the company wants to collaborate even further with Google.

The second, more sinister interpretation, is that Samsung wants to hire some of the talent in the area, possibly even steal some Google employees, so that they can build their own operating system. That would let them control their future, make them less dependent on Google, and possibly create something new and beautiful. Knowing TouchWIZ however … we doubt the “beautiful” part.

And finally there’s the business angle. Remember how Nokia created a brand called “Ovi” and then bought up a bunch of small companies so they could give their users services such as file sharing, photo sharing, instant messaging, and so on and so forth? Samsung could be planning to do the same thing. They could hire a bunch of startups, shove them all in a building, and hope that whatever they pop out is awesome.