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Is Samsung reducing dependency on Android with Windows 8?

There are rumors suggesting that Samsung is looking to reduce its dependency on the Android platform following the Apple patent case verdict going against them and the announcement of the first Windows Phone 8 device. Is there any truth to it?
August 31, 2012

There have been a few reports that Samsung is trying to reduce its dependence on the Android platform by partnering more closely with Microsoft. It mostly stems from an article in the Korea Times which discusses Samsung’s strategy for fighting back after the big patent court loss to Apple.

It was something of a surprise when Samsung followed up the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Camera (both running Android 4.1) with a line of Windows 8 devices, including the first Windows Phone 8 smartphone, the Samsung ATIV S.

The excitement seems a bit overblown, let’s not forget that Samsung released Windows Phone 7 devices as well. The company has already vowed to fight on against Apple and the announcement of two new Android devices sporting the latest version of the platform can hardly signal an attempt to distance the company from Android. Besides that, Samsung had clearly already been working on the new Windows 8 line-up and the ATIV S well before the patent case verdict, so this can hardly be interpreted as a reaction to it.

Samsung has always had a diverse device line-up. It’s easy to forget that the company made a line of smartphones for Windows Phone 7 because Microsoft’s platform completely failed to gain a noticeable market share. Hopes are obviously higher for Windows Phone 8.

The idea that Samsung is turning its back on Android is pure nonsense. The company may not want all its eggs in the Android basket, but then it never has. The recent focus on the platform is entirely down to the fact that it has proven to be massively successful for Samsung. The company is already working with carriers in the U.S. to work around Apple’s infringement claims and keep devices on the shelves.

Maybe if the ATIV S can command sales figures like the Galaxy S3 then we might see a shift in focus, until then we can expect Samsung to continue producing some of the best Android devices around.

It’s worth pointing out that Samsung announcing the first WP8 smartphone seems like a real slap in the face for Microsoft’s partner, Nokia.