Part of the joy of being involved with open source software is being able to see a project being worked on in near real time. Kukjin Kim, who is a Senior Engineer on the Software Solution Development Team at Samsung Electronics, recently left a comment on the Linux kernel Git page that says:

“This patch adds support for EXYNOS5440 SoC which is including ARM Cortex-A15 Quad cores.”

Thanks to that one sentence, we now have confirmation that Samsung is working on a quad core ARM Cortex A15 chip that’s going to be called the Exynos 5440. We don’t really know anything else about the chip, which makes us kind of sad, but let’s speculate anyway, shall we?

First things first, we already know a lot about the Exynos 5250, the “slower” dual core variant of the Exynos 5440. It has two ARM Cortex A15 processors clocked at 1.7 GHz, it has a quad core ARM Mali-T604 GPU, and it’s built using 32 nanometer technology. Because this newly discovered Exynos 5440 is called the 5440 and not the 5450, we’re going to assume that it’s not two times as fast as the 5250. We’re also going to assume it’s not going to be built on 32 nanometer technology.

Does that mean the Exynos 5440 is going to end up inside a smartphone? Again, we can only assume. We know 1080p screens are going to be an essential feature of 2013 smartphones, and in order to drive such a high resolution display, you need a lot of horsepower. But four ARM Cortex A15 processors? That’s a bit insane, unless Samsung built said chip with 28 nanometer technology.

As you can probably tell by now, we really don’t know what to tell you. We want to say all will be revealed in Q1 2013, but even then, we’re not sure if that’s when Samsung is going to announced the Galaxy S IV.