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Forecast: Samsung to break profit records once again, may have shipped 50 million phones during Q2

July 5, 2012

After an unbelievably successful first fiscal quarter of 2012, when it managed to post all-time record profit and earnings, Samsung’s financial well-being over Q2 seemed to depend a whole lot on the Galaxy S3 launch.

Sammy’s new super-phone was unveiled just in time to boost sales for the Korean-based company, but unfortunately its release in many parts of the world, including the US, was several times delayed. Regardless of that, the most recent estimates still predict a highly successful and lucrative three months for Samsung, who might just end up breaking records once again. reports that “analysts” think that 60% of Samsung’s total operating profit in Q2 will come from its mobile division, and that the profit figure could end up somewhere in the range of KRW7 trillion (around $6.15 billion).

In comparison, Samsung officially reported back in April the posting of an all-time high 5.85 trillion Korean won ($5.1 billion) profit. It’s therefore safe to assume that, even if predictions will not come true by the letter, Sammy will be able to surpass the number from the first three months of 2012.

Net profit for Samsung in Q2 could hit KRW 6.72 trillion ($5.91 billion), up from KRW 5.05 ($5.1 billion) in Q1, while total revenue will most likely reach unimaginable heights for Sammy (KRW 50.13 trillion or $44.06 billion, up from KRW 39.44 trillion).

While it’s true that Q2 profits and earnings are usually up for pretty much all technology manufacturers in comparison with Q1, the slowest time of the year for smartphone sales, in this particular case the numbers, if proven to be accurate, are quite impressive due to two reasons.

First off, we’re not talking about some marginal growth, with Samsung actually close to boost its total operating profit by no less than 20%, its net profit by around 15%, and total revenue by more than 20%.

Secondly, the company’s expected “piece of resistance” didn’t manage to get itself out there soon enough to make a difference to the numbers, which is even more impressive for Samsung. The Galaxy S3, initially predicted to ship in over 10 million units in Q2, is now thought to have sold in only 6 million units by the end of June. Now think about how will Sammy’s numbers look in Q3, when the S3 will reach all of its customers worldwide.

Even with the S3’s “unprecedented global demand” and supply issues, Samsung is predicted to have sold between 48 and 52 million units in Q2. Therefore, it’s now more likely than ever that Sammy will post its first 50 million+ quarter, if not right now then surely in Q3.

Fortunately, we won’t be swimming for a long time in unconfirmed rumor waters, as Samsung is expected to issue its first official numbers for Q2 this Friday, and the final figures at the end of the month.

Do you think that Samsung has managed to sell more than 50 million smartphones between April 1 and June 30?