Korea Economic Daily (KED) is raising their sales forecast for Samsung by 15%, bringing total projected handset sales to 374 million. Of those handsets, 150 million are expected to be smartphones. To put the figure into perspective, Samsung was projected to move 300 million units this year, a figure that was easily surpassed thanks to strong sales of their Android-based Galaxy S and S2 lineup, the Galaxy Note – currently only available in the UK, and the much anticipated Galaxy Nexus which is only available on Verizon in the US, the UK, and Canada through.

It should be very easy for Samsung to sell 150 million smartphones next year, with the anticipated announcement and release of the Galaxy S3 lineup – which is rumored to have similar specs as the Galaxy Note with a faster processor, and the Galaxy Nexus hopefully being available in more countries, and on more carriers – especially in the United States. Along with the rumors of the humongous Galaxy Note being available on AT&T’s network in the near future, we’ll keep you updated on that news. Perhaps Samsung will be making the next Nexus? If so, they will definitely pass that 150 million mark.

If Samsung is projected to sell 150 million smartphones in 2012, how many of them do you think will be Android handsets? Let us know what you think in the comments.