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Samsung has a patent application for a rugged, bendable display

Last year, Samsung submitted an application with the USPTO for a new type of flexible display: this one with a new type of frame.
March 13, 2015
Samsung rugged flexible display

When it comes to folds, Samsung has you covered. Having patented several designs for bendable products, the company expressed an intent for 2015 to be the year it finally releases a bendable display. While nothing has yet to materialize on that department (to be fair, it’s only March), there is potential for something new down the line.

Earlier this month the USPTO granted Samsung a patent for a filing dating back to Q2 2014. The idea here is a decidedly more rugged, flexible display that actually comes with a bendable frame. Even more impressively, the frame itself is an interlocking affair which allows it to clip onto thin surfaces, such as that of a t-shirt.

galaxy s5 armband iwotou
This new patent would render this type of excessive product unnecessary.

The practical applications for this kind of display seemingly speak for themselves. Whereas something like the Samsung Gear S has a band to lock it in place on your wrist, it would be quite difficult to do such with a mobile phone. While there are armbands for your device however, this type of patent would ensure that it’s basically attached to, secure, and actually curved to the contour.

Hopefully Samsung will bring this to market sooner rather than later as it has a lot of potential for workout-related applications. However, as with all patent applications, keep in mind that there’s no guarantee the invention will ever make it into a real product.