The 2012 Summer Olympics in London have come and gone, and the stage is set for the 2012 Paralympic Games to kick off. As one of the main sponsors of the big game, Samsung has just launched its Paralympic Blogger Program, where over 50 athletes from 19 countries can share their moment-in-the-sun stories with the rest of the world.

The Paralympic bloggers have been equipped with the Samsung Galaxy Note alongside a special app that ensures that the athletes can take notes and video easily. The blogs should provide some inspiration to others who may not fully understand the efforts and hard work that the paralympians have to put into.

Sir Philip Craven, President of the International Paralympic Committee, has expressed his excitement over the Paralympic Blogger Program. “Let all people engage with the bloggers and the London 2012 games – they are going to be spectacular,” he said in a statement.

The blog is already up now with some entries and video diaries. Check out the source link if you want to see some personal behind-the-scenes story from the competing athletes. The embedded video above is an entry that has been uploaded by Jon Pollock, a wheelchair basketball team captain from the UK.