note 4 apple iphone ads

Samsung just can’t help itself. Yesterday, the company reminded the world about Steve Jobs’ opinion on big phones (“nobody will buy that”).

But that was just an appetizer. This is the main course. And if you’re a Samsung fan, it’s delicious.

In these six new ads starring a couple of not-so-bright Apple Geniuses, Samsung is gleefully telling the world about all the features that its Note 4 has, and the new iPhone doesn’t.

One of the ads is a jab at Apple’s begrudging adoption of bigger screens, of course. After being the target of ironies for years, Samsung, who started the big phone trend, feels it can must rub it in the naysayers’ face.

The cherry on the cake is the clip where Samsung mocks the botched live stream of Apple’s event on Tuesday, a rare misstep for a company known for attention to details.

Whether you find these ads funny, or distasteful and humorless, you can’t deny they are effective marketing. Some of Samsung’s Note 2 ads (poking fun at Apple’s lawsuit propensity) even got Apple’s marketing boss Phil Schiller to question the work of Apple’s long time ad agency, Media Lab Arts. Those ads came out during Samsung’s big global jump in market share, and they were especially effective in the US, Apple’s traditional stronghold.

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