samsung nexus 10

Google is rumored to reveal more than one Nexus devices on October 29, one of them being the thoroughly leaked LG Nexus 4, and the other a Samsung made Nexus 10 tablet.

While the Nexus 4 is no mystery anymore, Google managed to maintain some secrecy around the 10-inch tablet. But, as we approach the date of the supposed announcement, the shroud is unraveling. Today, a Korean site revealed what appears to be a user manual of the Nexus 10.

Mind you, with the recent hoaxes that sent waves through the Android blogosphere, we can’t swear by the veracity of this supposed leak. With that said, only provided two photos of the manual, one showing the cover and one showing the “getting started” section. While the first image reveals little more than the official name of the device, the second photo shows us that Samsung and Google may have borrowed heavily from the design of the Galaxy Note 10.1, the pen-enabled tablet that the Koreans launched this summer.

Like the Note 10.1, the Nexus 10 will feature rounded sides (with the curvature being slightly more pronounced on the Nexus). The product diagram shows a micro USB port, a micro HDMI port, and dual front facing speakers. The usual front and rear facing camera can also be spotted in the diagram, along with a LED flash.

Hopefully, the Nexus 10 will feature a much better build quality than the Note 10.1, but also more powerful specs. Rumors suggest a mind blowing 2560 x 1600 display, and on the software side, the newest version of Android.

What do you make of this latest leak? Do you consider it trustworthy? Would you like a Nexus tablet that takes design cues from the Note 10.1

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