Continuing the theme of world domination, China is the next leg of the tour for Samsung. The latest data from research firm Umeng reveals that despite the presence of many local players, South Korea’s finest phone maker was able to retain its lead in China – a feat that it first achieved in Q3 2011.

Grabbing 23.8% share of the Chinese smartphone market, Samsung bested a particular strong showing from HTC, which landed at number two on the list with 18.5%. Motorola also had a good Q2 performance as it nabbed third place with 8%. Meanwhile, Chinese powerhouse ZTE and Huawei accounted for 7.4% and 6% of market share, respectively.

The next set of information paints a telling picture how price helps determine the success of a phone in China. The top 10 list of the most popular Android devices in the country consists mostly of older phone models that have been around for a year or more.

Starting with the Samsung Galaxy Ace at the top, we then see Motorola Defy holding the runner up position, followed by Xiaomi M1 in third place. The rest of top 10 – in that particular order – are the HTC Incredible S, Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC Desire S, ZTE Blade U880, ZTE Blade V880, Huawei C8650, and HTC Desire HD.

And if you’re wondering about the research methodology, the estimates were based on devices that run at least one app from the 40,000 tracked apps by Umeng during the tracking period.