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Samsung launches Music Hub with the S3, offers 100 GB cloud storage and unlimited streaming

May 29, 2012

The Galaxy S2, Nexus, and Galaxy Note, all released during the last year or so, have made Samsung the absolute champion of the Android smartphone world, the company’s sales and profits reaching record heights lately.

However, if you thought that Sammy will rest on its laurels and not try to push the envelope even further, you thought dead wrong and the best proof is the S3’s unveiling and release. Aside from the hardware, which makes the new flagship probably the snappiest smartphone around, the S3 also proves that Samsung is trying to do everything better and to conquer other market niches as well.

The S-Voice voice command app and the S-Beam quick file transfer system are just two of the innovative features brought to the table by the S3. Both apps are designed to make Samsung depend less and less on other companies, while ensuring that clients depend increasingly on Sammy’s own products.

However, the piece of resistance in terms of S3 original features has been launched today and is called the Music Hub. Set to compete against giants like iTunes, Spotify, and LastFM, the Music Hub targets to integrate “all your music experiences in one place”.

If you remember, we told you a couple of weeks back about Samsung acquiring mSpot, a media-streaming service that will now be taken to a whole new level. Based on mSpot technology, Music Hub is a media streaming and locker service similar to Spotify and iTunes. But, at least at a first glance, the Music Hub seems to be coming with a couple of aces up its sleeve.

Samsung’s Music Hub will be offered for free, but also in a Premium version, with the subscription going for €/£9.99 per month. The Premium variant will allow users to upload and access their entire music collection from anywhere, as well as enjoy unlimited streaming and tune in to customized radio stations based on their tastes. There’s 100 GB of cloud storage offered with the Premium Music Hub and access to a library containing 19 million tracks, comparable with Apple’s iTunes.

If you happen to not find a song in the Music Hub’s library, you can upload it to the locker service from any other program, and then stream it to your phone in Samsung’s fresh new app.

“We aren’t about niches. We want to have the largest catalogue. We want to be bigger than Apple. “ said TJ Kang, SVP Media Services for Samsung in a statement to Pocket-Lint, summing up in a few words what the company intends to do with Music Hub. And that is offer a bigger, better, more functional and more complete music service than anything else you can find in today’s market.

The Music Hub service will be made available exclusively to Samsung Galaxy S3 owners for a while, but Sammy is planning to extend it to the Galaxy S2 and the Note “very soon”. Future Samsung mobile devices will all have Music Hub from the get go. Moreover, the Koreans are also planning to integrate the service in the company’s Smart TVs, audio docks, fridges (!), and to offer an iOS-dedicated app, as well as a browser-based media player to use on Windows or Mac.

Those are some bold plans, but I guess that’s what makes Samsung special right now. They don’t like to play it safe, and, even though they don’t always come up with the most original ideas, they want to take everything to the next level.

What do you guys think about the Music Hub? Will you be purchasing the premium subscription with your brand new Galaxy S3? How about those supposed future fridges with integrated Music Hub capabilities? Let us know what you think down below!