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Samsung cable can charge 3 devices at once, but it won't come cheap

Samsung knows the future of mobile relies on the interaction between multiple devices. This is why their new cable may be awesome to have, even if pricey.
August 21, 2014


Samsung knows the future of mobile relies on the interaction between multiple devices. Adding bluetooth speakers, wireless headsets, smartwatches and other accessories to the equation can only mean one thing – you need to charge more gadgets. Samsung’s latest USB cable may be ridiculously expensive at $39.99, but it is special in that it allows for charging 3 devices at once.

Justifying this expense may be possible if you are a hardcore tech geek like us. There is no electricity outlet in my room that I am not using (and all have multipliers). I often find myself having to prioritize my devices, trying to choose which deserve a spot in my walls.

Multi-Charging Wall Charger 1

The Samsung Multi-Charging Wall Charger will alleviate some of this strain and make it simpler to keep all our rechargeable devices handy.

The cable splits into three microUSB heads. There is a bit of a downside, but it’s simply part of the charger’s nature. The package also includes a 2 amp wall charger, but its power is divided across whatever devices you have plugged in. This means it will charge one device at 2 amps, two devices at 1 amp each and 3 devices at 667 mili amps each.

Multi-Charging Wall Charger 2

Is this worth those $40 hard-earned dollars? There are many unknown brands offering similar charging alternatives, with multiple heads and even supporting different ports. These usually cost very cheap on Amazon, but you should also consider the quality of the cable.

Samsung is a renown brand and it would be easy to deal with any incidents (like phone explosions) or returns/exchanges. You would definitely be paying for comfort, though. You can probably get much more than 3 good cables for the same price.

The Multi-Charging Wall Charger’s release date is still unannounced, but you can already pre-order it from Samsung’s website. Will you be buying one?