It seems as though Samsung, one of the biggest names associated with the budding Tizen operating system, is planning to release phones with Japanese carrier DoCoMo in early 2013. Tizen, the open source platform notable for having Samsung and Intel leading the way, recently released version 2.0 of their OS, codenamed Magnolia.

The Tizen project is headed by DoCoMo, the only of Japan’s major three carriers to not carry the iPhone. Between a dipping number in subscribers and the fear of the “hegemony” Apple and Android utilize, DoCoMo will carry Tizen phones in an attempt to gain back some of the lost customers. In November, cancelled subscriptions outpaced new additions for the first time in five years.

Android makes up about 68% of the global market, with an additional 17% using Apple’s iOS. Blackberry is still holding on with roughly 5%. That leaves about 10% of the market in the “other” category, where Nokia’s Symbian and Windows make up 9% of that category. If we examine the Japanese market similarly, Android has about 64%, Apple has 32%, Windows has 3% and the “other” category takes the remaining 1%.

The Tizen project may be a good long-term bet, but with a 1% margin for entry into a very stiff market, it doesn’t look good. The fact that people fled the Japanese provider en masse, due in large part to the fact they don’t carry iPhones, may signal the Japanese market rather enjoys the Android and iOS “hegemony”. We’ll keep an eye on the situation to see how it continues to play out.