Here’s a quick unboxing and initial hands-on with the Samsung Moment.

Without getting into a full review, which I’m not ready for, here are my initial impressions of the device.

Build seems solid.  The 3.2-inch AMOLED display is very nice, yet seems not quite as saturated as some other Samsung AMOLED displays I have on devices in my collection.  The touchscreen response is good, and the touch controls under it work surprisingly well, too.  Optical joystick seems a bit jumpy, but the camera shutter and voice dial button have a good feel, as does the volume control.

The keyboard is a weakness.  Not only is the layout of the 4-row keyboard poor, with a row wasted for numbers which leads to the bottom row of letters being messed up, but the space bar is really two buttons with one cover.  There is a large dead zone in the middle of the space bar that does nothing.  Also, the feel of the keys is pretty cheap.  This keyboard has nothing on the CLIQ.

The camera appears to work quite well.  It is fast, even if it lacks a lot of settings.  Photos look pretty good, too.  Can’t tell about video yet – looks OK on first blush, though.

There are few apps on here that aren’t either Sprint-related (and found on the HTC Hero) or part of the standard Android build.  Moxier Mail Exchange client and Nuance’s voice dialing being the obvious additions so far.

Overall impression?  Nice, but not very sexy or compelling compared to what else is available.