Samsung’s recent loss against Apple in court doesn’t seem to be slowing the Korean company down any as they work towards recovering from the blow, despite losing nearly $12 million in market value.

Berlin Unpacked went off with a bang and we’re all excited to finally see the Note 2 with our own eyes, but it doesn’t stop there. Samsung has affirmed that it is committed to fighting the ruling against it, and has even begun working with U.S. Carriers to modify software to prevent Apple from succeeding in a product ban. The software updates and tweaks will be jointly developed by Samsung and the various carriers that Samsung partners with.

Judge Lucy Koh is expected to hear arguments by Apple calling for the banning on certain Samsung products, and so it seems that Sammy is doing it’s best to make sure it’s clear that they are doing whatever they can to distance their products from Apple products, going forward.

Reports also claim that Samsung is going to start increasing its Windows Phone efforts going forward, as a way of reducing how much it relies on Google and Android.

Considering how well its Android line is doing though, don’t expect them to jump ship. Samsung is merely exploring its options and trying to expand its network, which is really not a bad move.