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Samsung is set to do very well with the Galaxy S4 and according to a new report, the company now has more mobile patents than any other company worldwide. The mobile giant also received the most mobile patents of any company in 2012. To reach that conclusion, analyst Chetan Sharma analyzed over seven million mobile patents from the U.S. and Europe dating back to 1991.

Since 1996, mobile related patents granted in the U.S. have exploded with the U.S. accounting for 72 percent of all mobile patents in both countries. Previously, Nokia held the title for most mobile patents and Samsung got to number one by having patents relating to not just devices, but also platforms and infrastructure.

By the end of this year, Chetan believes 25 percent of all patents will be mobile-related compared to only 5 percent of total patents being mobile-related in 2001. Having a large arsenal of mobile patents can definitely play into Samsung’s favor. With Apple not letting up any time soon, today’s best defense for mobile device manufacturers is patents and lots of them.

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