Back in March, Samsung introduced Milk Music, a free streaming music service designed specifically for owners of select Samsung devices. Since then the service has continued both free of costs and ads, despite previous mention by Samsung that this might change eventually. While the ad-free part is continuing as always, Samsung has now added a subscription model to the service.

Although the free version will also continue to be offered, those willing to pay $3.99 a month will get added benefits like the ability to listen to stations even without a network connection, unlimited song skips, the ability to turn on/off station DJ commentary, and a new sleep timer that pauses the app automatically after a certain amount of time.

To get the option to upgrade to the premium service, you’ll need to make sure you are running the newest version of the Samsung Milk app. Unfortunately, the service still remains a U.S. exclusive, at least for now. For those utilizing Milk music, what do you think of the service? Willing to pay a monthly fee for unlimited skips and a few other extras?

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