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Samsung’s no-cost ad-free Milk Music isn’t ad free after all

Samsung has announced its Milk Music service will soon feature ads, but will have a premium version that removes them.
April 18, 2014

A month ago Samsung introduced its own radio streaming service powered by Slacker, under the odd name of Milk Music. At the time it was announced as an ad-free experience with no subscription costs and the ability to skip up to 6 songs in hour. The only catch was that the service was only compatible with a few select Galaxy devices.

Fast-forwarding to today, Samsung has apparently changed its mind on the whole ‘free’ part. While the service will continue to be offered, Samsung isn’t giving it away for nothing anymore, and has formally announced its plans to bring ads to the service.

Let’s be honest, this is an annoying move, especially since the service was only announced a month ago. Of course, we can’t say we are surprised,offering free unlimited radio with no ads seemed too good to be true at the time — and we were right.

For those that don’t mind putting up with ads, Milk Music is still free to use and could possibly be worth keeping around. For those that can’t stand ads? Samsung will offer a $4 monthly subscription that removes the ads and is said to bring a few premium features, though Samsung hasn’t specified what exactly. Hopefully the subscription at least gives us unlimited skips.

Anyone currently using Milk Music? Will Samsung’s addition of ads and a ‘premium’ subscription drive you away?