Samsung is not only the largest smartphone maker in the world, but also a top supplier of electronic components, from hi-resolution displays to processors and memory modules. It’s no secret that Samsung provides many of the components found in Apple’s wildly popular iPhone and iPad devices, including the much-touted Retina display and the A5X chip that powers the new iPad. A new online campaign highlights both Samsung technological prowess and the weird relationship it enjoys with its Cupertino-based arch-frenemy.

In The Conspirators, Samsung presents some of the problems that modern electronics users have come to know and dread – slow loading times, short battery lives, and freezes. First world problems? Yes, but don’t tell anyone!

The three lighthearted clips that make up the campaign introduce us to the villains, Battery Brutus, Fiona Freeze, and Loading Ball Larry. We see Loading Ball Larry, a sleazy leisure-suit type, who interrupts all kinds of important moments with his annoying load animation. The spooky Fiona Freeze just loves to freeze devices, using a rusty tank that she drags around, like that psycho hitman in No Country for Old Men. Finally, Battery Brutus lumbers around, sucking the juice out of the devices of unsuspecting users.

Of course, Samsung has a solution to all these pesky problems – its memory modules. The tech giant promises better performance and less energy consumption, no matter the device – smartphones, cameras, tablets, laptops, or TVs. The overarching theme is you should buy devices equipped with Samsung memory, although I find this marketing strategy a little odd. I mean, how many consumers actually look up the components of a device, and more than that, who makes those components?

Anyway, to wrap it up, Samsung just couldn’t help to take a jab at Apple again. The colorful ball that Loading Ball Larry keeps throwing around bears a resemblance to the “spinning beach ball of death” that Mac users know too well.

Here are the videos, judge for yourselves.