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Samsung and LG show rare maturity and settle dispute out of court

In a rare showing of maturity for tech companies nowadays, LG and Samsung solve their problems away from the courtroom.
February 4, 2013
Samsung LG
The patent wars have kind of ruled the mobile world for awhile now. If it’s not Apple suing over some silly design patent then it’s OEMs battling for their various patents with one another. These battles take months and usually end in court rulings that make everyone but the victors angry. In the popular Samsung vs LG OLED patent case, things ended a bit more maturely.

If you’re not familiar with the case, Samsung took LG to court with the accusation that LG ripped off of their OLED patents. However, this was after LG had done the same thing to Samsung and even went so far as to file for injunctions for a number of tablets. At one point, all Samsung demanded was an apology and LG threatened to sue for defamation.

It was a real storm of nonsense, but now it’s finally over. Korean news site Yonhap has reported that the heads of Samsung and LG have come together to talk it out instead of duke it out in court. According to the report, they were able to settle things before this turned into yet another court war. There has been no word as to how much they settled for, but it was known that Samsung was asking for about $920,000 USD.

Could LG and Samsung’s ability to negotiate inspire other companies to do the same?

Possibly, but we doubt it. It is a rare instance when two companies settle a patent dispute out of court. Typically, these lawsuits get started because a patent gets used in another product without proper licensing. The problem is that the companies are looking for a fat payday and removal of competition instead of a fair licensing deal.

Essentially, it means that instead of seeing problems solved, we see injunctions filed and inflated winnings in court. Yes, this applies to all OEMs and not just Apple. However, Apple is definitely among the worst when it comes to this. Thankfully, this is a trek we don’t have to watch Samsung and LG make.

If they settled out of court for what they wanted in court, then LG didn’t even pay a million bucks to get this taken care of. We want to hear from you. Is this the proper way to conduct a court battle and should other tech companies take notice of how Samsung LG did things?