The Galaxy Note 2 has done very well globally, but what about in their own home country? Both LG and Samsung have confirmed that their latest phablet efforts have managed to sell at least a million devices in South Korea.

While the LG Optimus Vu isn’t anywhere in the same league as the Note or Note 2, it is still a reasonably popular device and this is doubly true in LG’s home country of South Korea. Both companies took the time today to boast about crossing the million devices mark, but in reality the Note 2’s accomplishment is certainly the more impressive one.

Both the Vu 2 and Galaxy Note 2 were released in September of this year, but the 1 million devices count for LG includes both the original Vu and the latest model. In contrast, Samsung’s claim to a million is only from its newest Galaxy Note offering.

LG might have found a hit globally with the LG Nexus 4 and LG Optimus G, but the truth is that LG products are generally less popular in the international market than Samsung’s offerings. This is the same situation in South Korea, as evidenced by how quickly Samsung was able to achieve this milestone versus LG.

Andrew Grush
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