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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs LG Optimus G Pro

A South Korean publication revealed that Samsung and LG have apparently been fighting over the use of a particular word combination, “Unpack Event,” that’s of particular importance to at least one of them.

We’ve seen our fair of silly mind games between such large corporations – more often than not they lead to patent-based trials – but this one has to simply take the cake.

ETNews says that Samsung is not happy at all that LG is using the “Unpack Event” phrase in its invitation for a future media event – the August 7 New York based event where the (Optimus) G2 should be unveiled.

Apparently Samsung feels that the “Unpack” term should only be used by the maker of Galaxy devices and not by any other companies.

We will say that Samsung has been hosting for a few years now “Unpacked” mobile events to announce new devices, specifically high-end Galaxy models, but that certainly doesn’t give it the right to own the word.

However, the company apparently filed an objection with the Intellectual Property Office (of South Korea?) against LG trying to prevent the latter from using “Unpack Event” in its marketing materials. Smsung was not successful in its quest, the publication says, as the office unsurprisingly ruled that “Unpack” is a common verb and can’t be registered as a trademark.

On its part, LG said that the word has been used by others before and that it didn’t plan to use it in the name of its media event, only in the invite.

The two rival companies have clashed in the recent past, and the fact they’re arguing over the use of a word or phrase only goes to show how important the mobile business is for both players.