Name a consumer electronic product with a screen, and chances are fairly good that Samsung makes one. Actually, chances are even better that Samsung makes several. Keeping this in mind, it’s somewhat surprising that, outside of the earbuds they pack in with their phones and tablets, the company hasn’t taken a stab at the audio market until now. Now that they have, the company seems to mean business: the new Level line includes earbuds, on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones, and a Bluetooth speaker.

The top of the line of these products, at least when it comes to headphones, are the Samsung Level Over. They’re big, wireless, and styled in a way that should be instantly recognizable to anyone who has ever used a Samsung phone. They also happen to cost $349. With such a heavy price tag, do these headphones have what it takes to justify the cost?

For the full review, check out the video above or head over to Sound Guys for the written review.

Which of Samsung’s Level brand of audio products are you the most interested in?

Kristofer Wouk
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