Samsung’s dominance over the global smartphone market has stopped being a surprise for a while now, but what may shock you is the pace at which the Android king is continuing to grow. According to a new report conducted by IDC, Sammy has doubled its shipments in just a year, capturing a whopping 31.3% of the worldwide market share in Q3 2012.

The new report comes just three weeks after Samsung’s own estimates talked about a fourth straight profit record-breaking fiscal quarter and 58 million smartphone shipments over the space of three months.

IDC only estimates Samsung smartphone shipments during Q3 of 2012 at 56.3 million units, which is enough however to quash Apple’s 26.9 million in second place. Research in Motion is third in the rankings, with 7.7 million shipments, despite a year-over-year decrease of 34.7%.

The surprising number four is ZTE, the Chinese company that has threatened us with a “cheap phone revolution” for a while. Despite it being unable to make real headway in the West with high-end devices, the entry-level phones sold in Asia have helped ZTE enjoy an 82.9% yearly increase to a total of 7.5 million units shipped.

Behind ZTE and wrapping up the top 5 is the disappointing HTC, which has dropped 42.5% compared with Q3 2011 to a measly 7.3 million smartphones shipped. The most remarkable absence from top 5 is once upon a time leader Nokia, who is however second in the total mobile phone shipment ranks.

Samsung is number one there too, with over 105 million units shipped, Nokia has 82.9 million, while Apple, LG and ZTE are the distant number three, four and five, with 26.9 million, 14 and 13.7 million units respectively.

As far as market share goes, Sammy leads by a mile with its 31.3% in the smartphone ranks. Apple comes in second, with 15%, while RIM, ZTE and HTC are very close in third, fourth and fifth, with 4.3, 4.2 and 4% shares.

Needless to say that the Galaxy makers are the undisputed leaders of the mobile phone market share top too, with 23.7%, followed somewhat closely by Nokia (18.7%). Apple is in third, with a share of just over 6%, while LG and ZTE have equal 3.1% shares.

Aside from Samsung’s fantastic financial run, the unsurprising demises of RIM, Nokia and HTC, and the somewhat unexpected ZTE leap, we have to notice another key aspect for today’s global phone market. The “others” sections are continuing to grow, and with over 40% shares in both ranks, the “little” guys have to be taken into account.

The mobile world might seem to be under the Samsung-Apple duopoly, but sooner or later someone will rise among the “others” and competition at the top will surely increase. Do you agree? Are there any other conclusions you want to draw after hearing about these numbers?