US Cellular has taken another device and its name is the Samsung Galaxy Metrix. Whether or not the name strikes your fancy, the pricing surely won’t. In short, if you live in 4G territory, you pay $130, but if you live in only 3G or less land, you pay an extra $50.

Here’s the problem with this pricing strategy: it makes customers feel like their being exploited, maybe even punished, because US Cellular hasn’t rolled out LTE into their area yet. Hint to US Cellular execs: if you don’t have funding to support LTE just yet, the way to go about it is not through direct sales. When customers have “contract impunity“, they tend to buy more often at a higher value with a carrier.

Back to the phone itself, this little QWERTY-based beauty is packing a 1GHz processor, 4″ display, 5MP camera, and naturally, 4G LTE capability. If it caught your eye, it can be purchased today online at USC’s online depot, or in brick-n-mortar stores on August 24th.