Samsung has announced that its new security platform, Samsung KNOX, will support Microsoft’s security minded enterprise software, which includes Workplace Join, Windows Intune, Windows Azure and cloud printing of Microsoft Office documents.

The press release dated February 28th represents a big win for Microsoft as it struggles to gain a foothold in the mobile space, and a powerful set of tools for Samsung KNOX enterprise users. The combination of these technologies will improve security and productivity for KNOX users, which really just means you will be able to bring your new Samsung Galaxy S5 to work. 

Workplace Join is an Active Directory tool which allows users to register their device of choice with their company infrastructure. Company IT administrators will be able to provide KNOX enabled devices with access to secure corporate resources, and Active Directory integration provides two-factor authentication for the security minded.

Windows Intune is a platform for IT administrators to manage corporate devices. Samsung will provide the necessary tools to allow Intune to effectively and securely manage Samsung devices with KNOX enabled.

Samsung cloud printing will work through Microsoft Azure cloud platform and SharePoint to provide PC quality printing. The use of Azure and Sharepoint ensures that all documents are transmitted in a secure manner.

Do you think this is a big enough move to help Microsoft gain ground with their services on mobile devices? Are you eager to securely connect your Samsung device to your secure corporate resources?

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