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For a seemingly mythical flagship device like the next Galaxy phone from Samsung, even the name of the super phone has been kept under a shroud of mystery by the South Korean company. Though past reports have indicated that the “Samsung Galaxy S3” branding isn’t yet set in stone, as we’re inching closer towards May 3, the day of the big revelation, clues on the real name of the phone begin to solidify.

Just yesterday the words “Galaxy S3” appeared in the description of Samsung’s own Unpacked 2012 Android app, which will let you stream the highly anticipated event from the comfort of your parents’ basement. The presence of the tag sort of gives some credence to the hypothesis that Samsung will indeed apply the tried and tested incremental method of naming its flagship phone. Now, new evidence has shown up that somehow supports the theory.

Uncovered first by SamMobile, and reported by The Verge, the name Galaxy S3 can be found in some versions of Kies, Samsung’s PC companion software. The two model numbers that have been spotted  are Samsung GT-i9300 and GT-i9300T, with the former shown to be the model number for the Galaxy S3. The latter, meanwhile, is expected to be some kind of variant of the Galaxy S3, probably with support for different frequency.

Since Samsung is still keeping a tight wrap over what the phone really looks like, the software only has placeholder images of the two phones. But it’s looking more likely than ever that the next Galaxy phone will be known as the Galaxy S3. In any case, it’s only a matter of days (or 192 hours) until we’ll learn the ins and outs of the Galaxy S3. So hang tight, folks.

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