Samsung touts ISOCELL, the new camera sensor technology debuting on the Galaxy S5, as an evolutionary leap over the BSI sensors found in most mobile devices these days.

We’ve explained ISOCELL in detail here, touching on the technical features that should enable an ISOCELL-equipped camera to take shots with less noise and bloom even in unfavorable lighting conditions. In a nutshell, Samsung insulated each pixel to prevent crosstalk, which is light from neighboring pixels leaking and causing image artifacts such as noise. Reduced crosstalk is just one advantage; thanks to Samsung’s technical wizardry, ISOCELL sensors can also capture light at wider angles, can take in more light before bloom occurs, and are smaller than conventional BSI sensors.

Here’s a gallery of shots we took with the S5 at MWC. Due to the limitations of testing the device in Samsung’s booth, we admittedly couldn’t really put the ISOCELL sensor through its paces, but be sure that the camera experience will be a big part of our review.

For more info on the Galaxy S5 camera, including its new software features, check out our feature focus post and video.