It looks like Samsung is already getting ready to release 2 more tablets very soon. These 2 screenshots show that Samsung is getting Wi-Fi certifications for 2 new devices, both which have dual-band Wi-Fi. Although they are put in the “smartphone” category, we know they are tablets because of their naming convention. GT stands for Galaxy Tab, and P stands for its category (tablet). So what will these tablets be about?

First of all, the GT-P5100 one should be the one we’ve already been hearing rumors about, the one that is supposed to have a display larger than 10.1″, an ultra-HD resolution of 2560×1600, and last but not least a very powerful dual core 2 Ghz Cortex A15 CPU along with a very powerful Mali T604 GPU. This will obviously be the more expensive version, that should be at least $500.

Hopefully it’s only $500, but seeing the pricing of the new Transformer Prime tablet with the Full HD resolution of 1920×1200, which will be $600, it doesn’t leave me very optimistic. It’s true that the Transformer also comes with 32 GB of storage by default, and Samsung might keep it at 16 GB to save costs there, but even so this tablet’s resolution will be even higher, and with a brand-new world-leading ARM CPU. I guess we’ll see in 2 weeks at MWC how much it will be.

The second tablet is called GT-P3100, and it’s either a 7″-8″ version with the same SoC, but with a bit lower resolution (1920×1200?), and which will cost just slightly below the larger one, or it has little to do with the larger tablet, and they made it as cheap as possible, while still looking and working great – say for $250? It would also have a cheaper dual core or even quad core Cortex A9-based SoC, like the dual core Exynos 4212 or the quad core Exynos 4412.

Personally, I would favor the second strategy, because Samsung shouldn’t ignore this low-end market. There’s a tremendous opportunity to dominate that market, and also the whole market through sheer numbers thanks to having a quality cheap tablet, and right now they are missing that opportunity. If they could make at least a $250 dual core tablet that does everything well, and comes with Android 4.0, it would be a bigger seller.


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