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Samsung Internet app for Gear VR adds custom backgrounds and more

The Samsung Internet browser for the Gear VR headset has been updated, introducing a way to add custom browser backgrounds and bringing support for WebVR.
December 22, 2016

This article first appeared on our sister site, VR Source.

Samsung smartphone owners who also use the Gear VR headset can now check out an updated version of the Samsung Internet web browser. Version 4.2 includes some new features, including a way to add custom backgrounds to make your virtual reality browsing experience a bit more colorful.

The backgrounds come from premium images that have been created by the cloud graphics company OTOY. They are designed to offer Samsung Internet users more of a PC desktop experience when they use the app to check out web sites while wearing the Gear VR accessory.

Via Business Insider
Via Business Insider

In addition, the new version of the app now supports the WebVR 1.0 API. This is a first-generation version of a new JavaScript API designed for web sites. If a site supports WebVR, the Samsung Internet app will be able to view 3D images on those pages from a number of different angles. Future versions of WebVR will allow site designers to create full virtual reality experiences in web pages.

Gear VR owners can download version 4.2 of the Samsung Internet app now from the Oculus Store. In addition to serving as a web browser, the app allows owners to view any images or video stored on their smartphone with its File Explorer feature.

How often do you use your Gear VR? Will you be adding custom backgrounds?