More information about two upcoming mid-range phones for Verizon Wireless–the Pantech Breakout LTE and the Samsung Illusion–have surfaced recently. Both Android phones are expected to be released on Verizon this month, according to a Verizon timetable leaked earlier.

Pocketnow has received press photos of the Verizon phones.

The Pantech Breakout LTE is Pantech’s first 4G phone. It is speculated to have a 4-inch touchscreen panel (800×480 resolution), a 1.0-GHz single-core processor, a 5-MP front camera, and 512 MB of RAM.

One of the rather interesting things about this phone is that it can act as a mobile hotspot connecting up to 10 devices simultaneously over LTE.

Pantech or Verizon has not revealed the pricing for the Pantech Breakout LTE, but judging from the other phones that Pantech has released previously, the Pantech Breakout LTE’s cost may go over US$199.

The leaked timetable showed this device as launching on September 1, but since that day has already passed, we presume the launch date has been pushed back.

On the other hand, there is little information about the Samsung Illusion (said to be handset model SCH-I110). Reports say it will carry a 3.5-inch WVGA screen, an 800-MHz to 1.0-GHz processor and a 3- or 5-megapixel primary camera. It will also reportedly have the TouchWiz interface.

No word as to what Android version it would be running, but it is safe to assume at least Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread.

The Samsung Illusion is expected to be launched on September 29.

Which of these two mid-range phones catches your eye?

Image credit: Pocketnow