SmartGloves April Fools Day 2014

It would appear that, so far this April Fools’ Day season, the jokes have backfired on Samsung and HTC, as both have mock-launched the same product – smartgloves. Today only, look for the Samsung Fingers and HTC Gluuv at a store near you.

Let’s start with HTC Gluuv Beta. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the HTC One (M8), provides holographic video calls and connects with social media via hand gestures. Never mind that puny 4MP Ultrapixel dual camera on the HTC One (M8), how about packing around a 87.2MP version of the same style dual lense camera? One thing is for sure, the Gluuv sure does look futuristic, at least in an 80’s hollywood movie kind of way.

Samsung Fingers is the clear winner here, sorry HTC. For starters, how can you compete with the flexible Super Emo-LED display, 5G connectivity and the ThermoPad to keep your drinks at temperature? Aside from the embellishments, there are many features of this glove that could be feasible in today’s market – 4GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, 16MP camera and a 3-inch flexible display are not far off of Samsung’s Gear 2 and Gear Fit. You might even get a laugh about the 1080p pico projector, but we’re almost there too!

The hand gestures themselves, although rather silly in this delivery, could truly be a thing of the future, especially with what we’ve seen in other wearables so far.

Hand Gestures April Fools Day 2014

All in all, not a bad start to the April Fools’ Day rush. We’ve seen Google going strong with their Pokémon Challenge and an important update to their translation services. Nest has signed a deal with Virgin airlines to manage the climate on your next trip, and we expect many more before the day comes to an end.

To add to the efforts to make more things wearable, Samsung has also announced its plan to develop wearable socks with Nationally Accredited Socks Institute, NASTI.

As we watch all the new jokes, pranks and general shenanigans roll in, what was your favorite April Fools’ days stunt last year and who do you think will bring it home this year?