The guys over at CellPhoneSignal.com and TmoToday.com have a marked up slide which they claim to be from T-Mobile’s 2009 roadmap for Android devices.  For starters, it shows that the G1 will get a price cut before being put out to pasture during the early Fall, only to be replaced by a very different looking T-Mobile G1 v2 device with a code name of “Bigfoot”.

The slide would also have us believe that the HTC Magic/Sapphire/MyTouch 3G is coming this Summer.

Also quite interesting is the device named the Samsung Houdini.  Based on the other names in this document, it would seem reasonable to believe that Houdini might not be its final retail name, though.  Looking at the tiny thumbnail in the slide also seems to suggest that the Houdini is not just another name for the i7500 that we learned about last week.  The colors and button configuration just don’t seem to mesh, though we can’t even be certain that the thumbnail is accurate.  Since we know that Samsung is working on multiple Android devices for 2009, it wouldn’t exactly be a shocker to find out it was a different device completely.

So in any case, things are looking up for T-Mobile users here in the States.  Start saving your money!