Samsung and Apple have been at each others’ throats over patents for awhile now. The latest casualty in the entire mess was the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The Regional Court of Düsseldorf recently decided that the tablet should be banned from being sold in EU countries, a solid hit at its marketing strategy.

However, Samsung isn’t calling it quits just yet. The Korean company is all set to appeal the ban at a hearing scheduled for August 25.

The big European ban is supposedly Apple’s knock-out punch for this round, but with Samsung not surrendering the European market just yet, it may still backfire on the company. This is because, according to German law, if its case doesn’t have enough merit in court, the company will have to pay damages to Samsung for missed business.

And this could be very well the case. Mostly because, Samsung changed the design of its Galaxy Tab 10.1v tablet completely after the iPad 2 was introduced. This may just be the thing to get Samsung on the side of the law. Antitrust regulators are on guard however. If the court sustains its decision, this pretty much locks the entire European market to Apple, a monopoly that no one wants.

Right now, Samsung will have to pay an administrative fine of undisclosed amount, if it keeps on marketing and selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe. This bleeds Samsung’s sales in Europe while the decision isn’t appealed. However, a few analysts are contending that this isn’t aimed at Samsung. This is supposed to be  a first blow at Google’s Android market share – and it’s a pretty heavy blow.

Source: Phone Arena