Here we go with the rumor mill on the Galaxy S3 again. It’s already been confirmed by Samsung that they will not be announcing or showing off their Galaxy S3 at Mobile World Congress later this month, but it looks like they will be announcing it at their own event in late-March. Frandroid has stated that the March 22nd date is the same date that Samsung will be holding a media event in France, and so far there is no mention of what will be unveiled, the Galaxy S2 successor should certainly be the main runner in this rumor mill.

If all the earlier leaks and rumors we have seen and heard prove to be correct, the Galaxy S3 will feature a 4.6″ 720p Super AMOLED plus display, running on a 1.9GHz dual-core Exynos processor , 2GB of RAM and a 12MP camera. Now those are some hefty specs. ¬†Yesterday we also heard that the phone will be just 7mm thick, makes you think, why doesn’t Sammy make the device a bit thicker and throw on a battery with the capacity of the Droid Razr Maxx or bigger? Yeah we all love having a thin phone, but we also love not having to carry our charger around every where we go right?

I still have hope that Samsung will slap a nice 2500mAh or higher battery on this beast of a phone. What’s the use of having all these great specs if the battery can only last a few hours? Especially if there is an LTE version, which I really hope they make one since the Galaxy S3 most likely won’t be in the US until fall and Sprint will have their LTE network up and running by then. Either way be sure to share your comments below.