According to a recent blog post on – an official Samsung blog about the various companies under Samsung’s control – Samsung Mobile Display has produced no less than 200 million AMOLED panels. Since this new display technology entered mass production in January 2007, simple math (spooky, I know!) dictates that Samsung have produced an average of 100,000 panels each day, although real-world number show that it took Samsung 53 months to produce their first 100 million panels, and thus they have doubled production numbers in the past 11 months alone.

If you’re interested in learning the details regarding the AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology, you can check out this previous article on the topic. Those of you who are only interested in a quick sum-up should know that the advantages of AMOLED displays (when compared to LCD displays) rest in their better contrast ratios, more vivid colors and wide viewing angles.

As the aforementioned blog post was eager to note, the demand for AMOLED displays has grown exponentially in the past year or so, with numerous smartphones, tablets, game consoles and digital cameras relying on this new tech to provide a unique visual experience. It is also worth mentioning that Samsung basically owns the entire global AMOLED market (97 percent is the actual number) and is likely to maintain its lead. This is due, in part, to the huge amounts of money invested in this tech, which are investments that other AMOLED manufacturers have shied away from.

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