Although it’s almost a guarantee that Samsung won’t be introducing any spectacular new flagship devices at CES or MWC, the rumors about the company’s 2013 line-up are pouring. The Galaxy S4 along with a mysterious GT-Q1000 device have been spotted right after New Year’s, and now another enigmatic figure has emerged courtesy of a NenaMark 2 benchmark result.

However, the GT-I9600 is not only secretive and mysterious, but awfully fishy, making us doubt the benchmark listing’s credibility. And that’s because of two things. First off, that model number just doesn’t add up with the latest rumors.

The Galaxy S4 is believed to carry the GT-I9500 model number, and, based on Samsung’s traditional naming scheme, a device with an I9600 codename should be superiorly specced. But, according to the NenaMark 2 benchmark, this not only is inferior to the S4, but is in no way better than the S3 (model number GT-I9300).


In fact, the “I9600” has basically the same specs as the S3 – a 1.4 GHz quad-core processor, Mali-400 MP graphics, a 1,280 x 720 pixels resolution panel and Android 4.1.2. So, what would be the point of launching a “new” phone with such similar hardware to an “old” one? None whatsoever, which brings us to today’s second point of order.

Samsung does not need any more brand dilution and that’s a fact! The Galaxy S3, Note and Note 2 have brought the company on even terms with Apple in the high-end segment of the smartphone market, but that’s because people could easily distinguish Sammy’s top-tier products from the low-enders and mid-rangers.

Devices such as the Galaxy S3 mini can only undermine the power of the Samsung high-end brand on the long-haul, and with Tizen smartphones a higher probability than ever, the last thing the Galaxy S family needs is another easy to mistake member.

And that, my friends, is why the GT-I9600, even if it does exist, should never see daylight with the above mentioned specs. Who’s with me?