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Is the Samsung GT-i9300 the Awaited Galaxy S3? Hopefully Not

February 19, 2012

A lot of people have been anticipating when Samsung will reveal information about the rumored Galaxy S3. But because the company has announced they will not be showing it off at the Mobile World Congress this month, this anticipation has turned to disappointment. This has then led people to wonder if there really is a Galaxy S3 anywhere in the plans of Samsung.

Recently, we have obtained from our source that Samsung’s download center has leaked information on a GT-i9300 unit. This has started to generate much speculation that this may be the Galaxy S3 that many people have been hoping for. So is it?

Well, we have gained an understanding that the Galaxy S3 is listed on the company as the GT-i9500; so really, this isn’t the device we’re hoping for. Moreover, the GT-i9300 has been listed to be equipped with a 1024×600 resolution display. This just shows that the GT-i9300 is a different breed than the Galaxy S3.

If you consider the Galaxy S2 was the GT-i9100, and the GT-i9250 was the Galaxy Nexus, it would make sense that the Galaxy S3 would be the GT-9300. While 1024×600 is certainly a step up from the Galaxy S2’s 800×480 resolution, it’s nowhere near what the Galaxy Nexus’ massive 1280×720 HD Super AMOLED display is packing. Additionally, Samsung released the Galaxy S2 HD LTE several months ago with a 4.65 inch display, with the same resolution as the Galaxy Nexus – 1280×720, so we find it highly doubtful they would release their next major flagship with a lower-spec’ed display.

While we may not be seeing the Galaxy S3 at the MWC next week, we’re hoping that Samsung reveals official information about the unit after the shindig in Barcelona. We’ll be there to dig up all the juicy rumors. Would you be disappointed if the Galaxy S3 featured this display? We certainly would. Stay tuned.